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Mathabarsingh Thapa

2017-01-05  |   K. N. Adhikari (Teacher)

Mathabar Singh Thapa was the Prime Minister and Commander in chief of the Nepalese Army from December 25, 1843 - May 17 1845. He was murdered by his nephew Jung Bahadur Rana. Born in Borlang, Gorkh...

Forests Of Nepal

2017-01-05  |   Ram Rohan Lamichhane (Class Eight)

25.4% of Nepal's land area, or about 36.360km2. [14,039sq mi] is covered with forests according to FAO figures from 2006. FAO estimates that around 9.6% of Nepal's forest cover consists of ...

The Happient Days Of Your Life

2017-01-09  |   Prashna Bajracharya (Class Six)

School days should be a happy time in a young person's life. What can make people's lives full of misery during this time, then? In my opinion, there is one word which answers this ques...

My Best Friend

2017-04-06  |   Dilasha Vaidya (Grade Five)

I have many friends in my life, but there is one friend in particular who has remained loyal to me through thick and thin. Her name is Jasmine. We met for the first time in grade two when she was a...