Our contribution

Donation To National Innovation Center 2073 B.S.

It is a matter of immense pride to Everest English School

It is a matter of immense pride to Everest English School Bhaktapur, its teachers, students and parents that our school has handed over total Three Lakh Thirty Three Thousand Three Hundred and Thir

Blankets For Bhaktapur Hospital 2066 B.S

Supported Bhaktapur Hospital

Supported Bhaktapur Hospital with a donation of eighty-eight blankets worth NRS. 26,345/- (Twenty six thousand three hundred forty five rupees)

Library Books For Shree Mahadevsthan Ma. Vi. 2067 B.S.

Mahadevsthan Ma Vi,

Supported Shree Mahadevsthan Ma Vi, Okjaldhunga library with books worth Rs. 81,314/-

Library Books For Shree Sharaswat Ma. Vi, Shankhuwasabha, Chainpur 2068 B.S.

Shree Saraswati Ma.

Supported Shree Saraswati Ma. Vi, of Shankhuwasabha, Chainpur with library books worth Rs. 95,000/-

Library Books For Shree Chandeswari H.S.S. 2069 B.S.

Two lakh ten thousand rupees

Supported library with books worth Rs.2,10,000/- (Two lakh ten thousand rupees)to  Shree Chandeswari H.S.S ,Ramechhap, Gothpani.

Library Books For Janata Ma.Vi Salle, Khotang 2070 B.S.

Supported library with books

Supported library with books worth Rs.1,67,393/- (One lakh sixty seven thousand three hundred & ninety three rupees)to Janata Ma.Vi Salle, Khotang

Library Books For Shree Mahadev H.S.S , Phoikot ,Kalikot 2071 B.S.

Shree Mahadev H.S.S , Phoikot ,Kalikot.

Supported library with books worth Rs.1,90,000/- (One Lakh ninety thousand rupees)to Shree Mahadev H.S.S , Phoikot ,Kalikot.

Library Books For Multiple Institutons 2072 B.S.

Supported library with book

Supported library with books worth Rs.1,80,664/- (One lakh eighty thousand six hundred & sixty four)to : Shree Mahendra Ma.Vi , Totkesaal, Achham   Supported library

Library Books For Shree Malika Secondary School, Tolijaisi-4, Dailekh


Donated one thousand five hundred one books worth Rs. 1,63,917/- (One Lakh Sixty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Seventeen rupees).

Library Books For Shree Annapurna Secondary School, Sikles, Kaski


Donated One thousand five hundred one books worth Rs. 1,65,629/- (One lakh sixty five thousand six hundred twenty nine rupees).

Everest Contributes Twenty Five Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Five For Food For Life Nepal


“Healthy mind exists in healthy body”. However, there are many students whose mental and physical development have been hindered due to the scarcity of food.  Food for Life Nepal (