Event SACF 2073


SACF 2073


         Report on South Asian Children’s Forum

56th Annual SAARC Integration Children’s Camp at Little Angels’ School, Hattiban

Submitted to : Mr. Bhakta Rajbhandari, Founder Principal
Venue: Little Angels’ School, Hattiban
Time duration: 2073/09/19, Tuesday to 2073/09/26, Tuesday
Participants: Ritika Chawal, Manasi Thapaliya, Luja Shilpakar, Kushal Dhakal, Sudarsan Bajracharya, Rohan Taja, Astha Duwal, Dipana Pradhan, Paban Kumar Balla, Salina Bajracharya
To promote a feeling of national unity, secularism and patriotism among children belonging to different backgrounds and religions.
To develop among children the quality of leadership.
To broaden their outlook and to provide them with opportunities to know their potentials.
To cultivate the interests of children in academic, cultural and social activities and develop their talents through various activities.
Activities before the program: 
Scouters from grade7,  8 and 9 were selected.
Parents’ meeting was held for giving all detail information about the camp.
Scouters practised 3 dances in order to perform.
Activities during the program:
2073/09/19,Tuesday (Day 1)
10 participants including 8 students and 2 teachers gathered in EES premises at 10:00 am and departed at 12:30 pm in school bus.
Headed towards the destination, Little Angels’ School, Hattiban and arrived there at around 1:30 pm.
Even though Paban sir was supposed to manage accommodation, it was already settled by LA management team.
With the luggage, girls stayed in girls’ hostel, boys in boys’ hostel and teachers in the rooms allocated.
Everestians were taken out for lunch(momo).
We welcomed Bidhya Sagar School, Kavre at around 2:30 pm and Chitwan campers at around 8 pm.
Waited foreign campers but they couldn’t arrive.
2073/09/20, Wednesday (Day 2)
Welcomed campers from India and Bangladesh at around 10:00 am
Preparations for the inauguration ceremony were done.
Mr. Bimalendra Nidhi, Home Minister of Nepal inaugurated the camp at 3:30 pm in presence of many other delegate personalities.
Kumari dance and Namaste Byayam were performed by the Everestians.
2073/09/21, Thursday (Day 3)
All the campers were given the instructions and were divided into four patrols each with a leader.
Visited World Heritage sites, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupati Nath Temple, as well as Guhesori Temple. 
2073/09/22, Friday (Day 4)
Enjoyed beautiful snow-capped mountains from Nagarkot.
For lunch, moved towards Bidhya Sagar School, Kavre as they had sponsored
Visited the school premises
2073/09/23, Saturday (Day 5)
Visited Little Angels’ premises
Rested and got fresh
Warmly welcomed by the Indian Embassy where the representative of the ambassador blessed our campers with an inspiring speech.
2073/09/24,Sunday (Day 6)
Reached Swayambhu Nath Temple with great excitement and observed Kathmandu valley.
For lunch, happily moved towards our school,Everest English School, Bhaktapur as we had sponsored.
All the campers visited Everest School.
Friendship tree was planted at the Everest premises including representatives of India, Mr. Maity,Bangladesh, Mr. Nazu and Mr.Bhakta Rajbhandari which strenghthed the relationship.
Token of love was gifted to representatives of Chitwan, Kavre, Bangladesh and India.
Visited Siddha Pokhari
2073/09/25,Monday (Day 7)
Preparation for the passing out ceremony was done.
The closing ceremony was conducted with Mr. Mukunda Sharma, Principal of Little Angel’s School as the chief guest.
Thanked Little Angel’s team for the great hospitality.
Group dance was performed by Everest Scouters.
2073/09/26, Wednesday (Day 8)
Got blessings from Founder Principal of Little Angel’s School, Mr. Umesh Shrestha.
Wished each other good luck and safe journey.
Fare welled foreign campers and departed from there with the troop of Kavre at around 1:00 pm.
Finally, reached school at around 2:00 pm
Promoted a feeling of nationality and patriotism.
Developed the leadership quality among children.
The camp and excursions were entertaining.
Cultivated cooperation with South Asian Countries citizens.
Dipana Pradhan was awarded as the best girl camper.
Ritika Chawal was awarded as the best girl performer.
As Salina Bajracharya was the master of ceremony, she was praised for her performance.
All the participants were certified the certificates for successfully completing the camp.
According to the schedule, Indian and Bangladesh campers were to arrive on 2073/09/19, but due to visa issues of Bangladesh campers, they couldn’t arrive and 3 out of 12 Bangladesh campers returned to their place.
Very sadly, Bangladesh campers weren’t allowed to visit Pashupati Nath Temple.
As per schedule, various places like Patan Durbar Square, Changu Narayan Temple, Bhaktapur Durbar Square,Godawari were to be visited, but campers weren’t able to visit. (May be because of high entry fees)
Head Representative from India, Mr. Jyan Maity hurted few of the Indian, Nepalese and Bangladesh officers for various unknown reasons which didn’t bring positive vibes in the camp.
Schedules and rules weren’t being properly followed like, using own dishes/cleaning it, punctuality etc.
Because of educational strike, our school bus couldn’t pick us on 2073/09/26 and reserved a local bus with the group of Kavre.
All the schedules should have been strictly followed.
Inspite of just visiting various places, various activities should have been added for campers to build friendship.
These kind of programs should be organised in future as well.
The program helped the campers to inculcate a pattern of life for them where work, play, entertain, study and built harmony.
Prepared by: Paban Kumar Balla, Salina Bajracharya on 2073/10/06